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We offer a comprehensive range of roadside assistance services to our members, to ensure that whenever they are on the road, they are safe knowing they're covered, no matter what happens. Read on to see the full range of member benefits.


Vehicle jumpstarts, battery tested on site, alternator & electrical system test plus condition checks of battery clamps and fittings...

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Battery Replacement

Our roadside assistance service providers carry a wide range of Exide batteries to suit all makes & models of vehicles. Just call us even if you are not a member! Battery Replacement Service If the battery requires replacement, free delivery of new battery service is available. Cost of Battery is at the driver / member's expense payable at the time of service...

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Tyre Change Service

Tyre change services include removal & replacement of your flat tyre providing you have a fully inflated (pumped up) spare tyre suitable for your hub and is in a usable condition plus any equipment required to remove mag wheel locknuts. Flat Tyre (if included) Tyre changes will be carried out providing that the member has a roadworthy spare tyre to fit to the vehicle. Assistance will not be provided for damaged wheels, fitting of a tyre to a rim or if a ...

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Lockouts and Key Retrievals

Lockouts and key retrievals will be carried out by our service people and in most cases will be able to gain entry, however if locksmith services are required, this additional service will be at members expense. Lockout (If Included) We will attempt to open a vehicle when the keys have been locked in the vehicle. In the event that we cannot open the vehicle we will arrange for a locksmith to attend. The Member will be responsible for any costs over $70.00...

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Our roadside assistance tow truck services are ready to take your vehicle to the nearest repairer or place of safety. Additional distances and/or destinations can be arranged and quoted upon request. Metropolitan/Round Trip We will provide up to; 2 Star Plans - 20 kilometres 3 Star Plans - 20 kilometres 4 Star Plans - 20 kilometres 5 Star Plans - 50 kilometres Free Towing / Roadside Assistance Country Areas/Round Trip We will provide up to; 2 Star Plans - 50 kilometres 3 Star Plans - 50 kilometres 4 Star Plans ...

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Out of Fuel Rescue

Out of fuel? Forgot to stop in at that last service station? Our roadside assistance agents can carry up to 10L or 50km worth of emergency fuel (unleaded petrol or diesel) and will be supplied at drivers expense. Emergency Fuel (if included) - we will deliver sufficient fuel to enable the vehicle to travel up to 50km. The cost of fuel will be at the driver/ member's expense payable at the time of service...

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Ambulance 4 Star Plans - Benefit Limit $250 5 Star Plans - Benefit Limit $400 In the event of an accident where the registered vehicle is involved and the driver or immediate family of the driver require the services of an ambulance as a result of that accident, 24/7 will assist with the ambulance costs. For reimbursement, you must submit the accident report together with a copy of the ambulance invoice...

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Accident Accommodation 5 Star Plans - Benefit Limit $300 If you should require accommodation in the event of an accident where the registered vehicle is involved and the repairs being carried out on the vehicle are a distance of more than 100 kilometers from your registered residence. We will assist with reimbursement of emergency accommodation costs up to $100 per night, for up to 3 nights (room rate only). This does not include pre-booked accommadation. For reimbursement of Accident Accommodation, you must...

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Car Hire

Car Hire 4 Star Plans - Benefit Limit $360 5 Star Plans - Benefit Limit $700 In the event of a mechanical breakdown more than 100 kilometres from home, that renders your vehicle un-roadworthy for more than 48 hours (excluding weekends, public holidays, workshop and supplier's delays) we will assist you with the reimbursement of the car hire costs up to; 4 Star Plans - $ 90 per day, for up to 4 days 5 Star Plans - $140 per day, for up to 5...

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