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Our Aim

To give you, the Australian motorist, the best value for money roadside assistance available.

Our History

24/7 Roadservices Pty Ltd was formed as a direct result of many years of providing services for new and used car warranties. It became obvious that the infrastructure was already in place to provide yet another service, roadside emergency assistance, on a stand-alone basis. Most of our emergency road service staff and management have been administering this type of business for the past eleven years.

Our Scope

The warranty side of the business has 90,000 members. All of these members enjoy emergency roadside assistance as part of the warranty package. The step to a stand-alone roadside emergency assistance provider was but a small step.

24/7 Roadside Assistance has more than a thousand repairers from the warranty side of the business, as well as towing operators with about 600 service vehicles between them. Both repairers and tow truck operators are Australia wide. They are all there to assist you. We operate a 24/7/365 (366 in leap years) call centre to take your calls – needless to say, at any time.

Both repairers and towing operators can provide jump starts, battery replacement, fuel, tyre changing, open locked cars and many other services. Towing operators can tow you to any repairer of your choice, or one of the repairers affiliated with us through which we can arrange repairs at very competitive industry rates.

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